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Durham Medley Challenge 2022

Well done to everyone who competed at the Durham Medley Challenge on Saturday 18th November 2022

Congratulations to those who made the final Individual Medley Race

1st Place

Lucy Raper (11yrs)

Ewan Line (11yrs)

Erin Blight (14yrs

2nd Place

Alex Freeman (10yrs

Alexa Dean (12yrs)

Freya Johnson (14yrs)

Decalan Tate (14yrs

3rd Place

Miles Jarvis (12yrs)

Liam Hunter (13yrs)

Ava Findlay (14yrs)

Jack Kelso (15yrs)

IM qualifiers (top 6 on points from all 4 strokes) also included Rebecca Rigg, Sophie Bone, Chloe Robinson, Maisie Bone, Mariam Gaafar, Charlotte Henderson, Annie Falkous, Ben Hewitt, Sam Tate, Miles Jarvis, Harry Shaw, Daniel Fargher and Zach Air

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It was a really good day and great atmosphere. Well done to all the swimmers.

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