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Speed Awards

At Morpeth ASC we encourage and recognize the hard work of our swimmers. Speed Awards are targeted at swimmers who compete at short course licensed galas and celebrate their success through the times they achieve regardless of age.

Awards can be achieved in the following events:

Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

25m, 50m in all strokes.

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Awards

100m and 200m in all strokes

200m and 400m Individual medley

400m, 800m and 1500m front crawl

If you achieve a qualifying time you will be notified after the gala and given a slip to confirm which award(s) you are entitled to.  A certificate of your achievement can be purchased for  £1.50.

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Club Awards

The six progressive Club Awards can help new starters transition from the familiar Learn to Swim Awards, recognise and reward achievements, provide a clear and progressive pathway and develop and consolidate correct technique.

Squad: Minnows & SD

Squad: C1

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