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This page contains information about the Northumberland & Durham Junior League including dates, venues, arrangements, team selection and results


What is the Junior League?

Junior League is more commonly known as the Diddy League and is often the first gala where swimmers compete in individual and team events against other clubs. 

The competition is fun, exciting, very competitive and very, very loud with a mixture of individual and team relay events.

Points for each event are awarded to clubs based on the position they achieve in each race and these points contribute to an overall team score. 

Teams from all over the North East compete for the title of Junior League Champions.

The league consists of 3 divisions and teams are promoted and relegated between the divisions depending on where they finish.

Morpeth ASC are currently in Division 1.

The top six teams in each division get to swim in the finals which take place in September.

The Division 1 winner progresses to the Northern final and successful clubs at this event progress to the National final 

Each gala lasts about two and a half hours  and has around 50 races!

Swimmers will be selected to represent Morpeth ASC for each age group (9, 10, 11 and 12 year olds, boys and girls). Sometimes a swimmer may swim in older age group.


Each gala consists of 4 individual races (freestyle, back, breast ad fly) in each age group for boys and girls, 2 relay races freestyle and medley and the last swim is the Canon where 1 boy and 1 girl from each age group compete in an 8 person relay team.

Swimmers are expected to travel on the coach with the team for the final.
Spare seats will be allocated to parents starting with the parents of the youngest swimmers.

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Team Selection

Team selection will be made by the Head Coach.

We try to include as many swimmers as possible in the heats but our aim is to have our fastest team swimming in the final in September.

Selection is based on swimmers attendance, attitude and performance in training, MASC Mini Gala's and other competitions.

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Morpeth Amateur Swimming Club at Junior League

2016 - 12th Diddy League Final

  • Division 3 - 5th place

2017 - 13th Diddy League Final

  • Division 3 Champions & winners of the 9,10,11 year olds and Cannon trophy.

2018 - 14th Diddy League Final

  • Division 2 - 2nd place & winners of  11,12 year olds and Cannon trophy

2019 - 15th Diddy League Final

  • Division 2 Champions & winners of the 9,10, 12 years and cannon trophy

2020 - Division 1 

  • Cancelled after Round 1 due to COVID-19 pandemic

2022 - Division 1

  • 3rd Place

2023- Division 1​

  • 5th Place

 2024 Junior League  | details will appear here when confirmed

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