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Junior League

This page contains information regarding the current years league, including dates, venues, arrangements, team selection and results.

Team Selection

Team selection will be made by the Head Coach. We try to include as many swimmers as possible in the heats but our aim is to have our fastest team swimming in the final in September.

Selection is based on swimmers attendance, attitude and performance in training, MASC Mini Gala's and other competitions.

Junior League 2023

Selected swimmers will receive a MASC 'Diddy League 2023' hat.

Swimmers are expected to travel on the coach with the team for the final.
Spare seats will be allocated to parents starting with the parents of the youngest swimmers.


Round 1

25th February 2023

details to be confirmed

Round 2

Round 3


Round 1

19th March 2022

Meeting at Riverside Leisure Centre

Departure at: 



Round 2

1st May 2022 - Freemans Quay, Durham (11:45am)

Swimmers to meet at Freemans Quay



Newcastle 237

Middlesbrough 179

Tynemouth 172

Sunderland 162

Morpeth 158

Gateshead & Whickham 64

Round 3

10th July 2022 - Billingham Forum, Billingham (2:30pm)

Swimmers to meet at Billingham Forum 

Tynemouth - 194
Newcastle - 176
Morpeth - 165
Middlesbrough - 159
Sunderland - 149
Gateshead & Whickham - 85

18th September 2022 – FINAL 
Team Bus 
Meet at Riverside Leisure Centre 

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