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Training fees are calculated annually and are divided into 12 standard monthly payments. Monthly payments must be paid consistently to ensure that the club continue to meet its ongoing financial commitments.

A member whose fees are more than two months in arrears shall be deemed to have resigned from the Club and their membership terminated. Where membership has been terminated in this way the member shall be informed in writing either via post to the last known address or by electronic means. Club Constitution | 5.2

Any member unable to make payments should contact 

Please set up a standing order and pay each 1st of the month, combining all siblings into 1 payment

(with £5 taken off for each sibling of the first swimmer).

MASC Bank details  

Morpeth Barclays Bank

Acc. Number: 10648671

Sort code 20 -58 – 17

Current fees can be found in Squad Information

Leaving Morpeth ASC

A member wishing to resign membership of the Club must give to the Club Secretary written notice of their resignation.  Fees must be paid for the last month in which the member swims.

Swimmers who leave without informing us can cause the club to pay unnecessary registration fees and also prevent us from accepting other swimmers who would contribute to our income.  

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