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Swim Manager

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We use a system called Swim Manager, for emails, squad fee payments, ordering club kit and shortly also for gala entries. This section will help you get set up on Swim Manager to ensure that you can receive messages and information from the club and organise your payments.

The Swim Manager website address is An app is also available (you can download it through IoS or android app store) but we would strongly recommend that initially you log on via the website as there is less functionality in the app.

Once you access your account please check, and correct or update if necessary:

  1. Personal details – address, additional email accounts, emergency contacts (these are essential especially if you are planning not to stay at the pool for the whole training or gala sessions).

  2. Swimmers’ details – their squad allocation (so you receive the correct emails, and their attendance tracking is accurate).  It is exceptionally important that you check and update any medical information that the coaches need to know about. 

  • For squad fees - on the first of each month, you will receive a notification (in the invoices section of your account on the Swim Manager website) of the amount of that month’s squad fees which will then be debited from your bank account on the 10thof the month.

  • For gala entry fees and club kit we are also planning to offer a debit/credit card facility for taking these payments.

  • You will need to set-up a Direct Debit which will save you the hassle of manually paying each month. You’ll be notified of any upcoming payments, and you can cancel them whenever you want. The Direct Debit Guarantee makes this the safest way to pay.The payments are handled by GoCardless which is Swim England’s preferred provider, and each transaction will incur a small handling fee to facilitate this – this goes to GoCardless not to Swim Manager or the Club.

  • The family discount of £5 for additional swimmers, will be applied automatically.

Getting started on Swim Manager

Reset your password

When you first join, we will set-up an account for you using this email address.  You need to log on using the forgotten password option and update all of your relevant details. 

Adding your details

You will need to add your details to Swim Manager. Please click on the Parents Guide for a how to guide

Direct Debit

In order to set up your Direct Debit Mandate, please click the link below.

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