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Volunteers are vital to the running of Mopeth Swimming Club and we welcome anyone who can contribute to the smooth running and continued success of the club.

If you think that you could help we would love to hear from you. 

How can you help us ?

The club welcomes volunteer helpers throughout the year, either in administrative or support roles, or as poolside helpers (anybody who wishes to work with the children must obtain clearance through the Criminal Records Bureau, and be prepared to undergo child protection training - see the club's Welfare Officer for more information).

Below are some examples of where we need help

Admin Roles
Enquiries Officer
Marketing Officer
Social Network Admin
Website Manager

Aquatic Roles

Poolside Helpers



Team Manager

Occassional Volunteering
Helping at home galas 
Helping with fundraising

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If you would like to meet new people, make friends, learn new skills, have a say in how your club is run, and help the swimmers towards success, please contact Club Secretary Ben Line


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If you are thinking about volunteering and are not quite sure whether it's for you, have a chat with any committee member.

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Will I need a DBS check ?
See below DBS requirements and FAQ

Be a Poolside Helper

To assist with the set-up of the pool for club training sessions and ensure all equipment is correctly stored away at the end of the session.

To follow the instructions of the coach / teacher to support the delivery of the session.

To be aware of the safety of the session at all times, ensuring the poolside is tidy and any health and safety risks are reported to the coach or appropriate personnel.

Poolside helpers who have volunteered with us for a period of no less than 6 months will be considered for a funded Level 1 Coaching Course when one becomes available.

If you are a poolside helper and interested in a funded Level 1 coaching course, please email           and you will be  added to the waiting list.

Level 1 Coaching

This qualification is aimed at those interested in supporting the coaching programme in a competitive swimming environment with a focus on how and what to coach. 
Actively support a more senior qualified / licensed swimming coach, at any level, in the delivery of a pre-prepared coached session.
You will be expected to have an understanding of speed swimming techniques, a basic understanding of appropriate corrections to common faults and be able to deliver a series of effective training sets.
Level 1 coaches who have volunteered with us for a period of no less than  1 year will be considered for a funded Level 2 Coaching Course when one becomes available.
Current Level 1 Coaches will be advised when a funded Level 2 course becomes available.

We do not make refunds for courses for those who book and arrange their own coaching/teaching course.

Be a Team Manager

Attend team manager training as required.

Regularly communicate with parents, verbally and in writing, to ensure they are aware of the full details of the event including; meeting points for departure and arrival, staffing arrangements, overnight accommodation and food and drink arrangements

Provide a central point of contact for the team.

Be responsible for the safeguarding and wellbeing of athletes and staff.

Attend pre-competition/camp briefings as required

Provide information to athletes, coaches, parents/guardians as appropriate

Promote positive team spirit and behaviours.

Level 2 Coaching

This qualification is aimed at those working with swimmers in a competitive swimming environment. It is recognised as a vocational qualification
The qualification will provide you with the skills and knowledge to effectively plan, prepare, deliver, monitor and evaluate coaching sessions. 


We no longer make refunds for courses for those who book and arrange their own coaching/teaching course.

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