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Swim England’s membership categories have been given new names to make them more ‘meaningful and relevant’.

Club Train, Club Compete and Club Support will replace Category One, Category Two and Category Three respectively but it is a change in name only – all other existing conditions of those categories remain the same as follows.

Club Train is for members who are either learning to swim, or training in any discipline. As a Club Train member you will be able to compete in Low Level Competitions or an event that has an exemption under Swim England regulations.

Club Compete is for members of a club who compete in any discipline in open competitions.  This membership offers the benefit of structured competitive pathway at all levels in every discipline.

Club Support isfor anyone involved in a club who volunteers or is employed by the club, including committee members, officers, Teachers and Coaches as well as any parent members. 

Swim England Fees: Text
Swim England Fees: TeamMember

All members of Morpeth ASC must be registered with Swim England. Payment of this fee is required to ensure that membership of the club is continued. It is an annual fee which will be collected at the beginning of the calendar year. 

The table below shows the cost of the Swim England Registration.

 MASC Bank details  

Morpeth Barclays Bank

Acc. Number: 10648671

Sort code 20 -58 – 17

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