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What You Need To Know


  • You are welcome to spectate from the balcony at all training sessions. 

  • NO spectating allowed from the poolside viewing gallery

  • Parents should not try to interact with their swimmer to allow them to be fully focused and engaged in the session

  • Parents should not be in the changing rooms or poolside unless in case of an emergency

  • Parents of swimmers aged under 8 can go into the changing rooms as per current guidelines


  • A wrist band is required to access the changing rooms and all swimmers have been issued with one. 

  • Lockers are availabe for use and are secured using your wrist band.

  • You must not leave belongings in a changing cubicle when you swim,  we will be using the pool at the same at the same time as the public.

  • You must take care of your wristband because if lost, you will have to purchase a new one at the Leisure Centre. 

  • If you are issued with a new access band, please register the  

Morning Arrival


  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings  

  • Swimmers MUST arrive by 5:45am.


The doors will be locked after this time until after 6:00am which is too late to come in.


  • Tuesday & Thursday mornings

  • Swimmers MUST arrive for 6:00am for a 6:15 start

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