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Now that you are a member of Morpeth Amateur Swimming Club you probably have lots of questions. 

This page should help guide you through what you can expect on your competitive swimming journey.

Welcome Letter Parents & Guardians

Welcome Letter Swimmers

Welcome Letter Younger Swimmers

Swim Manager


  • You are welcome to spectate from the balcony at all training sessions. 

  • NO spectating allowed from the poolside viewing gallery

  • Parents should not try to interact with their swimmer to allow them to be fully focused and engaged in the session

  • Parents should not be in the changing rooms or poolside unless in case of an emergency

  • Parents of swimmers aged under 8 can go into the changing rooms as per current guidelines


  • A wrist band is required to access the changing rooms.

  • New members will be sent an email to show at reception where they will be issued one.

  • Lockers are availabe for use and are secured using your wrist band.

  • You must not leave belongings in a changing cubicle when you swim,  we will be using the pool at the same at the same time as the public.

  • You must take care of your wristband because if lost, you will have to purchase a new one at the Leisure Centre.

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About Club Fees

About Swim England Fees

Codes Of Conduct For All

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The Coaching Team

Changing Rooms


Collection Of Children


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