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Well Done & Good luck

Last weekend Morpeth ASC was represented at the Scottish Summer Nationals seeing medal success for Katie Coventry (Gold & Silver) Abby Coventry (Gold, Silver & 3 Bronze) & Izzy Munoch (2 Bronze), and excellent swimming and finals for Ewan Line and Arianna Stokes.

This weekend will see Morpeth ASC represented at The European Youth Olympic Festival where Gabi Freeman will swim representing GB, a strong team going to British and English Nationals : Libby Freeman, Arianna Stokes, Ben Harridge, Katie Coventry, Jack Kelso, Izzy Munnoch, Jacob Light, Seren Tallantyre, Holly Gillie, Gabi Freeman, Erin Blight, Charlotte Henderson, Ewan Line, Lucy Raper, Abby Coventry, Danny Patience.

We also have another team going to Durham City Aquatics International Summer Meet.

Good Luck swimmers.

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Liz Naylor
Liz Naylor
21 de jul. de 2023

Good luck everyone!


Good luck everyone- swim well and have an enjoyable experience 👏

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