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Want to wear white and help our club? Volunteer officials needed.

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

The club would like to recruit and support the training of several volunteer officials, who would then be willing to help at the galas we run and attend as a club. Having qualified officials is crucial for all clubs and swimmers. Without them, meets cannot be licensed and swimmers' times will not be officially recognised. Additionally, it will often be a condition of the meets that we enter as a club that we provide a certain number of officials to support the running of the event. So, by becoming a qualified official, you can directly help our swimmers, the wider swimming community, and enjoy the opportunities and rewarding experiences that are a feature of this role.

To become a qualified swimming official, an initial training and education course needs to be completed. This is divided into two phases. The first requires the completion of the Judge Level 1 online theory course.

The online course can be completed in one sitting or over a longer period of time depending on your other family and work commitments.

Following the completion of this online component, you will be provided with local contacts to help guide you through the second phase. The specific focus here is on the development of several practical competencies (i.e., Timekeeper, Inspector of Turns, Splits, Back-Up Button, Lap Cards, Whistles, and Use of Radios). You will also receive a Workbook, a Judge 1 Training Record, and a copy of the FINA Rules Extracts to support your learning. During this phase of the programme, you are required to undertake a minimum of 15 hours mentored poolside experience. At least 3 of these hours must be completed at Level 1 or Level 2 galas and a further 3 hours at Level 3 or Level 4 galas. The remaining hours can be spread across a variety of gala levels and club events. It is expected that the necessary competencies would be achieved within an 11-month time frame. Upon completion, you will be issued with a certificate and be registered as licensed official for an initial 4-year period.

The cost of the course is £20.00.

Our club is extremely proud of, and grateful for, the excellent officiating contributions made by Mel Anderson, Philip Aldridge, Gillian Alexander, Laura Findlay, Lesley Murray and David Tate. To further grow our pool of officials, the club is willing to pay the course costs for 5 volunteers to undertake the Judge Level 1 course.

If you are aged over 16 years and want to join our enthusiastic and dedicated team of officials, please email

Paul Potrac

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