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Swimmer Of the Month | September

Eve Harris Minnows

for great underwater dolphin kick skills and pace clock reading

Heide Beale Skill Development

for 100% attendance, listening to the coach and focusing hard on points she was asked to work on

Charlotte Taylor Competitive 1

for fantastic core skills, strong kick and good front and back tumbles

Charlie Craig Competitive 1

for great time improvements in his first C1 time trials

Jessica Atkinson Competitive 2

for great listening skills at every session and applying herself to skill and drill work

Bella Deacon Competitive Youth

for excellent attendance and overall commitment. Bella is very attentive and applies herself in every session

Jenna Voswinkel Competitive 3 |

for her effort to attend all sessions and listening well. Jenna is not easily distracted and applies herself throughout every session working on speed and technique.

Ava Findlay Performance |

for great attendance and effort in all sessions and listening to technique instructions and trying to apply them

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