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Swimmer of the Month | October

Freya Johnson - Performance

for technical improvements across all strokes. Great engagement with training and supporting younger teammates within sessions

Sophie Watson - CY

for hard work in training and achieving personal best times at the Alnwick Invitational Gala.

Ava Bremner - C3

for increased attendance, improvement across all strokes and trying to apply technical advice from coaches.

Alex Howard - C2

for fantastic swims at the Alnwick Invitational Gala.

Lucie Todd - C1

for training hard and applying drills.

Lexi Simpson - SD

for good attendance, good times at a recent gala and trying hard in training.

Harley-Ray Kirtley - SD

for good attendance, trying hard in training and good times at a recent gala.

Hannah McLean - Minnows

for great attendance, showing determination at training and a super effort at the mini gala

Well done everyone!

Certificates will be in the cupboard from tomorrow, don't forget to ask.

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