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Swimmer Of The Month | May

Minnows - Poppy Brown

for increased focus in training resulting in smooth and streamlined stokes

Skill Development - Adam Cooper

for listening well, working hard in training and showing great improvement!

Competitive 1 - Heidi Beale

Great trainer with good attendance. She always smiles, tries her best, listens to advice, and applies it to her swimming.

Competitive 2 - Brooke Dodds

for hard work and determination in training, resulting in great progress in breaststroke

Competitive Youth - Callum McLean

for being more focused in training, resulting in some good progress across all four strokes

Competitive 3 - Lily Morley

for excellent attendance every month, showing commitment and good technique in all strokes

Performance - Lucy Raper

for an excellent attitude to training, willingness to improve, great NER results and qualifying for her first National Championships at just 11 years old.

Well done everyone !

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