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Speed Awards

Club Championship Speed Awards

Well done to the following:

Abbie Hodgson ,Adam Ryland, Aidan Fargher , Alex Freeman, Alex Howard, Alfie Harwood

Annie Falkous, Arabella Henderson, Arjun Narayan, Ava Bremner, Blake James,

Callum McLean, Charlie Craig, Charlotte Lea, Charlotte Taylor, Chloe Robinson,

Connor Lawson, Dale Henderson, Daniel Fargher, Edward Chambers, Eleanor Hodgson

Elisabeth Howard, Ellen Hunter, Emily Alexander, Emily Potter, Emily Rouse, Eve Harris

Franky Morley, Harry Shaw, Isla Nisbet, Isobel Naylor, Isobel Waugh, James Naylor,

Jenna Voswinkel, Jessica Atkinson, Joel Parker, Juliet Chambers, Katie Ryland, Lily Morley

Lucas Weatherley, Maisie Bone, Mariam Gaafar, Matilda Campbell, Megan Potrac

Milo Perkins, Nick Jarvis, Noah Wilson, Parker Marshall, Phoebe Sands, Rachel Taylor

Rebecca Rigg, Remy Perkins, Sam Davies, Seth Wilson, Sophie Bone, Sophie Simpson

Sophie Watson, Tallula Parsisson, Theo Cousins, Theo Heaps, Toby Craig, Will Tallantyre

Zach Air

Certificates for those who didn't collect will be available at the pool from Thursday

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Great pictures, thanks Jake 🤩 📸

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