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Last session for Coach Laurie

This week we say goodbye to Laurie Blacklock

Read about Laurie's time at the club

I’m Laurie Blacklock (19) and I've been a part of the club for just over 10 years - since I was 9 in 2012. I competed for about 8 years and stopped when I was 16 to focus on my studies and coaching and teaching more.

My fondest memories at MASC are training with my friends and doing small friendly competitions such as the Club Championships, Diddly League and Portobello; where everyone would try their very hardest and we'd have the most fun with swimmers from other squads too, not just our own. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas fun sessions that we did where we'd race in our PJ's and try not to let your trousers fall down :)

My proudest memory is when I won the swimmer of the year award in 2017. I've never really been the fastest swimmer at the club, so when I won the award I was quite shocked. It made me extremely happy that it had been awarded to me for being supportive and inclusive of everyone in the club, not just in my own squad but others too. It made me realise that you don't have to qualify for all the best competitions or have the fastest PB, or even be in performance to be a valued and respected member of the club and that's what I try to tell the swimmers that I coach everyday. As long as you try your hardest and encourage yourself and everyone to do your best, that is all we can ask for.

At the moment I am a full time swimming teacher at a private swimming organisation, and I volunteer as a coach at MASC with Minnows, Skills Development and Competitive 1.

In the Future (this September) I am heading to the University of Plymouth to study Primary Education. I also hope to continue teaching swimming while at uni and hope to join the swimming and water polo team as part of the university too. I may also start competing again, for fun, at the BUCS where we do friendly competitions against other university teams.

I am so grateful for my time at the club and I hope everyone at the club grows up to be strong, supportive, and exceptional individuals.

Good luck to you all,

Love, Laurie

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