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Eggsellent Raffle!

This week we will be selling raffle tickets to win Easter Eggs carefully crafted into the size of a swimmer from each squad! As you can see from the picture there are 27 prizes up for grabs; they range in size from little 'Minnow' sized ones (2 eggs in height) right up to 'CY /P' sized ones at 7 eggs tall!

Tickets will be available to buy in the foyer at the beginning of the following sessions (all at Morpeth):

Monday evening 7pm for Performance and C3.

Tuesday evening 7pm for Minnows and C1, 8pm for C3 and CY.

Wednesday evening 6.15 pm for Minnows and SD and 7pm for Performance.

Thursday evening 7pm for C1 and 8pm for CY and C2.

Friday evening 6.30 pm for Performance and 8pm for C2 and SD.

It's one pound per strip (cash only please) and the draw will be on Saturday 9th April. Our club relies on fundraising activities like this so please give generously.

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