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Aquatic Helpers 2022-2023 Season

Updated: Jul 24

Well done to our 16 current aquatic helpers Tallula Parsisson, Ben Hewitt, Kate Kennedy, Maisie Sands, Ellie Henderson, Charlotte Lea, Zac Cousins, Lucy Leja. Maisie Bone, Holly Gillie, Gabo Freeman, Ava Findlay, Jacob Light, Seren Tallantyre, Libby Freeman and Sophie Watson for giving up their time to support and help develop our swimmers during the 2022-2023 swimming season. Over the last 10 months, our aquatic helpers have had varied experiences. In addition to their allocated session, some have helped at galas, some have volunteered at British Nationals, and some of our older aquatic helpers have completed an online Swimming Lesson Helper course.

Also, a huge thank you to coaches Carol Dawson, Lindsey Henderson, Terry Hewitt, Valda Butterworth, Becki McGuire and Ash Henderson for volunteering to mentor the aquatic helpers , investing so much time and effort into supporting and developing their coaching skills.


Thank you to Nicki Hewitt for all the time and hard work she gives to managing the programme and for the excellent portfolios she took the time to prepare.

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