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Reminder | Changes to Training


Ponteland - Training session for CY, C3 & C2 will finish at 8:30pm instead of 9pm

Morpeth - C2 training session Friday 15th at MORPETH will remain the same time, 8-9pm.

  • EVERYONE is still expected to attend training prior to the gala in preparation for the Gateshead & Whickham meet on Saturday 16th.

Saturday 16th - No land training or pool session on Saturday 16th for Performance & C3

Sunday 17th - No training session on Sunday 17th for C3 & C2

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Lesley Kennedy
Lesley Kennedy
Jul 13, 2022

C2 train at Ponteland and Morpeth on Friday. Think message is to clarify that whilst there is a change to C2 training time, it only applies to those who attend Ponteland. Assume no change to SD. Lindsey, is that correct?


Unknown member
Jul 13, 2022

Is it not SD at 8 in Morpeth on Friday??? Oh C2 may be 7-8?

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