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£20 Summer Challenge - What are you doing?

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Jacob & Oscars Summer Challenge - sponsored paragliding in Crete

Isla Nisbet - was sponsored to go whole week sugar free - and she did it!

Annie enjoys running and is hoping to join Morpeth Harriers when she turns 11 - she regularly joins her mum dad when they go out jogging.

They've been doing some work on hill sprints - Annie challenged herself to incorporate 20 hill sprints (£1 a hill sprint) into this mornings (short) run = completed!

Her next-door neighbour is also sponsoring Annie to water her plants while she's away on holiday over the next two weeks.

Well done Annie

Zach wrote his very own song, designed tickets to sell, sold these tickets to his family and then did an outdoor performance of his song.

Well done Zach!

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Well done Zach!

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