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Club Summer Gala | Thank you

A big thank you to all of our volunteers who made today possible

Officials Lesley Murray & Philip Aldridge

Parent volunteers Katie Taylor, Matt Perkins, Shelly Bremner, Jane Simpson, Lucy Fargher, Joanne Penfold, Deborah Nisbet, Alan Hunter

MASC volunteers Claire Logan, Michelle Robinson, Libby Freeman, Rosie Smith, Ben Hewitt, Jacob Light, George Tweedie, Sam Tate, Dave Parsisson, Nicki Hewitt, Jake Hewitt, Terry Hewitt, Sarah Watson, Ben Line, Sarah Watson, ASH, Paul Potrac, Jon Bensley,

Head Coach Becki McGuire & Assistant Coach Lindsey Henderson.

Great swimming by all, hope everyone had a good time.

Full results to follow

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Massive thanks to everyone! It was Lexies first ever thing like this and was a bit overwhelming for her at the start but with support from the coaches a fist bump and great atmosphere

she came away with three medals and the biggest smile on her face.

Me gusta
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