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Club Captains 2023/24

We are inviting swimmers to apply for the upcoming position of Club Captain.

Applicants are asked to write 150 words telling us why they would like to be club captain. They will then be invited to participate in a short interview which will assist in the selection process. The selection panel will then make a recommendation to the Committee for appointment. The appointment will be for the 2023/24 swimming season.

The Club Captain will hold current Morpeth Amateur Swimming Club memberships and should be 14 years or over.

They will be appointed to the position based on their ability to demonstrate the following:

1. Ability to liaise with and take directions from coaching staff.

2. Commitment to be involved in and attend at least 80 percent of training sessions.

3. Regular attendance at competitions both home and away.

4. Demonstrate the potential for excellent leadership skills, the ability to develop a rapport with swimmers and to lead by example.

5. Ability to communicate with other swimmers, encourage good conduct and sportsmanship and to acknowledge all swimming achievements.

The Club Captain, along with all Club members, is bound by the MASC Code of Conduct and is expected to abide by these rules at all times.

Expressions of interest should be emailed to Natalie Henderson

Closing date: 31 October 2023

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